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“Developing Your Singing Talent – For Children and Complete Beginners”

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Don't settle for average - invest in yourself and join our community of aspiring Bollywood singers today!

Special Bonus Gift – Receive Free Video Mini Series

“Developing Your Singing Talent – For Children and Complete Beginners”

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BOLLYWOOD ONLINE SINGING - A powerful accelerated program to fast track forward your singing talent, and help achieve massive results. The online training program offers an easy step by step course for children or beginners of all ages. 


  • Do you wish to receive training by  the best professionals in the industry, however you find they are not accessible  or you cannot afford their high training fees? Develop My Talent brings to you an affordable  course created by professionals with over 50 years experience within the Bollywood Music industry and offered to you at an affordable price.
  • Have you been looking for a local training centre but cannot find a Bollywood / Hindustani singing school or tutor nearby, then look no further as this course can be taken online in any corner of the world, whilst ensuring you get the best training possible.
  • Are you someone who cannot commit to regular classes due to a busy schedule, but are still interested in developing your / your child's singing talent? Perhaps you are looking to get your child involved in a cultural or creative activity? The online Bollywood Singing course is perfect to be taken anywhere, at your convenience and at a time that suits you (or as per the parent's / guardian's schedule).
  • Do you wish to learn singing, however are shy and lack confidence? The online Bollywood singing is perfect to build confidence  by learning step by step  in the comfort of your home, with no inhibitions and at a pace that suits you.

Although ideal for individuals, karaoke lovers or community groups, the online Bollywood Singing course can be used by teachers of drama, music or performing arts who wish to include an Indian, Bollywood or multi cultural angle to their training.


  • To be able to perform basic Indian classical training exercises required to sing Bollywood songs, Indian pop or devotional songs
  • Understanding the 7 notes used in Indian music, and learn songS to help develop vocals
  • Sing a minimum of 12 Bollywood songs confidently with lyrics provided to practise karaoke style
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion to add to your list of achievements

BONUS RESOURCES AND LINKS - Additional free resource materials are provided:

  • Lyrics to popular Bollywood songs suitable for children
  • You Tube links with songs and words to sing along to
  • Animated visuals to help make learning more fun for younger students 
  • Links to funny and interesting visuals to develop creativity and imagination

The aim is to offer a fun, interactive and enjoyable program, that will enable the student to develop quickly, easily and effectively by trying out a range of singing activities brought to you by professionals.


Develop My Talent aims to bring a range of online courses to help individuals develop their creative, artistic and performing arts skills. 

 About the instructor   

The course has originally been designed by the music maestro Anandji Virji Shah from the Kalayanji Anandji Fame and sung by the Little Stars. His expertise, knowledge and experience working within the Bollywood film industry for over 50 years will ensure you are being trained under the supervision of a thorough professional.

Anandji Virji Shah has:-

  • Received “A Lifetime Achievement Award”.
  • Trained and introduced the biggest names to the Bollywood Music Industry, including singers such as Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Kumar Sanu and Kavita Krishnamurti. 
  • Introduced Bollywood songs to Western Audiences working with bands such as Black Eyed Peas, and TV series such as The Simpsons.

The Bollywood Singing course reveals professional vocal techniques and exercises that all Bollywood playback singers and recording artists within the Indian music industry, as well as Indian classical singers, would be aware of. Whatever style of music inspires you – Bollywood, Devotional or Indian Pop, we'll show you how to develop a singing voice that will enable you to deliver a great performance.



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A powerful online course brought to you by Industry Experts, and the legendary Anandji Shah from the Kalyanji Anandji Fame!

That’s right! Learn directly under the guidance of the multi award winning Bollywood music maestro with over 50 year experience, and trainer to superstar playback singers such as Kavita Krishnamurti and Udit Narayan. 

Discover all his secrets and use it to finally boost your own talent fast with a step by step online singing training program. You see it’s not easy to gain access to such renowned experts and trainers, either because they are not accessible or because they are too expensive. 

There could be other reasons that prevent you from maximising your potential, such as no singing teachers being available locally, maybe time restrictions to get to regular classes due to busy work schedules … or perhaps your child is super talented but shy, and needs some encouragement to become more confident by learning in the comfort of your own home before joining a singing class with many students.

In fact, the majority of singing enthusiasts, bathroom singers or parents of children with hidden talent that needs nurturing, feel trapped and frustrated for not being able to develop creative hobbies such as singing, and regret it later in life for not pursuing their interests, or not taking up opportunities when they had the chance to learn, develop and shine!

Inside the ‘Power Of Bollywood Singing’, you’ll be able to learn how to improve your pitch, vocal range and experience a dramatic improvement in the quality of your voice, by following an easy step by step accelerated online program focused on helping you or your child develop their singing talent.

You’ll be able to start singing a range of Bollywood, Devotional & Indian Pop songs in less than 12 weeks 

You’ll also learn how to transform your hidden singing potential into impressive talent that helps you shine bright, receive a certificate that you can display and add to your list of achievements and so much more!

Secure your or your child’s singing talent development with a guaranteed success roadmap today!

Achieve Success with the Power Of Bollywood Singing online course, with cutting edge, proven strategies that will fast track you to getting massive results.

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Welcome to the Power Of Bollywood Singing course which offers a powerful combination of Bollywood and Hindustani Vocal training course for children and beginners. The step by step course will take you through a professionally structured program, so you can confidently start singing Bollywood, Devotional & Indian Pop songs in less than 12 weeks.

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Anandji has taught famous singers ranging from Shreya Goshal to Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu to Kavita Krishnamurti right through to child artists from The Little Stars.


In fact, by embarking on this accelerated online singing program, you'll never need to worry about finding a good quality singing school or teacher locally, you can ensure that the training your child or you receive is of the highest quality, you can save time and money on travelling to classes and learn at a time that fits in your busy schedule. 

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Don't settle for average - invest in yourself and join our community of aspiring Bollywood singers today!


The online Power Of Bollywood Singing course is designed for children,  beginners and singing enthusiasts from all cultural backgrounds. It is valued at £599 as it is a wealth of knowledge packaged in one easy to follow program, and brought to you by a team of experts with a total of over 80 years’ experience within the field of Bollywood, performing arts, music and vocal training. However, the good news is that we are providing an introductory offer for the first batch of students globally, which means you pay a hugely reduced amount. This special offer is for a limited time only!

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Don't settle for average - invest in yourself and join our community of aspiring Bollywood singers today!